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The client

Mujeres IT


In production

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Kanban eCommerce

The challenge

The challenge

By implementing an eCommerce site, it seeks to accompany a community to deepen the bond of its brand with new connection strategies with its audience.

The process

The process

To achieve this, we developed joint work strategies that would allow them to design an eCommerce that respects the unique style of the brand and that can be implemented by them together with the Kanban team.

The results

the results

Mujeres IT managed to have a sales channel that not only maintains the connection with its community, but also incorporates and makes visible the work and stories of Uruguayan entrepreneurs.

The robustness of a site molded with your own hands and integrated into your Kanban ERP natively, allows them to incorporate new operational activities while maintaining communicational closeness with their stakeholders, both with their suppliers and with their clients.

A customer portal with real-time information

We were able to help Mujeres IT provide a 360º experience in a single e-commerce platform.

See last orders? View invoices? See delivery status? We have you covered.

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Debra Izquierdo de Mujeres IT

Debra Izquierdo

Mujeres IT
Trust the experience and the advice of those who know.
Take a moment to read the Kanban communications, they throw in some good tips that help a lot, especially in the first days of the store.

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