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How we help build the value proposition of a committed real estate.

The Client

Universo Propiedades



Service provided

The challenge

Discover the characteristics, desires and needs of a new market segment that allows the client to develop a new business unit.

the process

To achieve this we apply the express analysis methodology of the value proposition.

We work with a strategy in three steps directly in the field:

  1. Detection of insights of the new market.

  2. Strategic map for the integration of the target market with segments already served.

  3. Balance point projection and next strategies.

the results

Communication towards the markets to be targeted was emphasized and the necessary insights were obtained for the design of the value proposition.

Likewise, based on the support of the market already served, a strategic map was designed to take advantage of the trust already existing in the market that would allow the integration of the target segment.

Finally, with the previous results, it was analyzed how the business units could strengthen each other, defining a balance point in the projected actions, thereby designing a strategic plan for the organization.

Noel Sosa de Universo Propiedades

Noel Sosa

Universo Propiedades
It is not easy to have your own business and be in everything, there are things that pass us, that we cannot see on a daily basis and the Kanban consultants are in many details that enhance our entrepreneurship, they nurture us as entrepreneurs. When I put into practice what my mentor told me, I realized that, all of her advice reflected results in my business.

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